Behind the walls of a former poultry processing plant in downtown, a new kind of factory is producing ideas from more than 120 local entrepreneurs.  They call it the "One Million Cups" meeting, a first of its kind in the Ozarks.

"It's a chance for them to get together to find the people that have been in this community but just not accessible, and so this event brings us all together.  It solves the problem of fragmentation within this community and it gets all the resources in one unified place, to help us grow our businesses," said co-organizer Devon Dillon.

The local chapter of One Million Cups officially started with a kickoff event on Wednesday.

The nationwide organization was founded with the idea to "Caffeinate Your Community."  Founders had the idea that cities were built with a million of these little cups and that, with just a million more, imagine where local entrepreneurs could take us.

Jason Graf, the first One Million Cups  guest speaker, is the founder and CEO of Crowdit.com, a site for entrepreneur dreamers and those who can help fund their projects.

"It just means growing our entrepreneurial community and our start up community, which is extremely important to the local economy and to other start ups in the area," said Graf.

He says it's important for like-minded people to be able to meet to discuss ideas and get help with funding.

"I think what we've been lacking is a centralized location to bring them all together, to idea-share and to network and to partner and that's what One Million Cups will do for the community," said Graf.

For more information on meetings and the local organization, visit its website.