A collective of education groups is keeping a close eye on the Nixa School District’s bond election, and telling two other groups to keep out. Missouri’s Education Roundtable is calling on the Missouri Club for Growth and United for Missouri to stop what the Roundtable calls a misleading campaign aimed at defeating the bond issue proposal on the April 8 ballot.

“It is outrageous that these outside organizations that know nothing about the needs of the students in Nixa would inject themselves into this local issue,” says Missouri School Boards’ Association Executive Director Dr. Carter D. Ward. “Flyers distributed by the Missouri Club for Growth and United for Missouri to the citizens of Nixa are filled with inaccuracies and deceit all designed to create doubt in the mind of voters. The actions of these groups are nothing short of despicable.”

The Roundtable accuses The Missouri Club for Growth and its national organization of promoting an anti-public school agenda including the support of school vouchers. Missouri billionaire Rex Sinquefield is a major supporter of the state group, recently contributing $973,000 to the Missouri Club for Growth campaign committee. Sinquefield has made other large contributions to the group in the past.

“It appears that Rex Sinquefield has made it his mission over the years to damage public education – this effort in Nixa is a continuation of those efforts. The Nixa Schools are attempting to build storm shelters to keep their children safe. It’s sad that the Missouri Club for Growth and Rex Sinquefield oppose measures to protect children,” says Missouri PTA President Kim Weber.

The Executive Director of the Missouri Association of School Administrators Roger Kurtz says, “We urge the voters in the Nixa Public School District to ignore this attempt by outside organizations to manipulate an issue that should be decided by the people of the community.”

The members of the Education Roundtable include the Missouri Association of Elementary School Principals, the Missouri Association of School Administrators, the Missouri Association of Secondary School Principals, the Missouri Congress of Parents and Teachers (PTA), the Missouri National Education Association, American Federation of Teachers – Missouri, the Missouri School Boards’ Association and the Missouri State Teachers Association.