Local health care workers are rolling up their sleeves to help uninsured people.

Dan Taube is at an informational meeting organized by Mercy. He's self employed with no insurance.  He's a cabinet maker with a lot of questions.

"Some of the concerns is the fact the government is interfering with the health care industry," he said.

Thanks to a $500,000 grant, Mercy has hired 17 temporary workers to help people like Taube enroll.

"They really need to start looking at the different plans and having these conversations with their spouse or family members," said Georgia Cable with Mercy.

Nearly 20 percent of Missourians do not have insurance. This is an all-hands-on-deck effort to reduce that number to 5 percent within the next few years.

"It's very concerning. From what I understand I either get health insurance and pay or pay to be penalize. I'm going to find out what I can do here to get health insurance so I don't get penalized," said Taube.

There is a penalty for those who qualify, but choose not to enroll. People have until March to sign up and avoid the fine.

"I think a lot of people have the same questions and same concerns.  By coming to these events you just might get your questions answered by being present," said Cable.

People have until mid-December to enroll for coverage starting next year.

You'll need your Social Security number and W2 tax form.