That's Miki Andrus' answer to a question about how she has gone 13 years without being absent, late or tardy to class.

"K through 12 perfect attendance is very rare; 9 through 12 can be a little bit more common but, K through 12, very rare," said Willard High School principal Curt Graves.

Keeping healthy was the first most important thing and, of course, planning appointments around her schedule.

"I usually have them after school.  My dentist and orthodontist were here in town so I'd go at 2:30 or 2:45," said Miki.

This girl doesn't just go to class.  She's a triple threat: on the honor roll, in band and a softball player.  She manages time for it all by evening out her hours spent studying and practicing.

"I have a 4.3 GPA, I have a 33 on my ACT, I am planning on going to Drury University to play softball and study pre-med," she said.

"Miki excels at what she does.  She works extremely hard and obviously her attendance is priority especially when you're going to be at activities like band or softball or anything else she's chosen to do," said Graves.

Her advice to others is to stay healthy.

"I think school is really important, so I just make an effort to be there every day and I try to stay healthy and try not to get sick," said Miki.

Miki and other students with perfect attendance will be honored at the graduation ceremony next Friday.