You could say shoppers have a ‘spring’ in their step as they browse Tanger Outlets Mall in Branson.

“The weather is beautiful today, so everybody is out shopping,” stated Linda Lohram, a shopper from Independence, Mo.

 It’s also a new 'season' for the mall itself.

“The future looks good. We are staying full with our current spaces,” stated Jamie Whiteis, General Manager.

With space running out, the mall is getting ready to expand and bring in several more stores.

“That’s just more stores, more name brands. Like I said I can’t announce any tenants now, they are negotiating deals,” Whitieis said.

Whiteis explains the 27,000 square foot addition will be constructed in an area now occupied by a parking lot.  The completed building could hold anywhere from four to seven new stores. 

“Oh I think it would be wonderful, wonderful,” explained Melinda Washington, who is from Kansas City.

A new parking lot would be built in another area to replaces the spots lost as a result of the project.

The expansion comes even some other outlet malls in Branson are struggling to survive, if they haven’t already shut down completely. One example is Factory Merchants Mall, referred to locally as the ‘Red Roof Mall.’  That facility closed in 2012.

The upcoming $3-million dollar expansion at Tanger will cater to shoppers on a budget, just as the current 70 stores do.

“Branson is known as a value destination.  Tanger Outlets is value retailer,” stated Whiteis.

It is shaping up to be a very busy construction season in Branson. Other projects underway right now include an expansion at Cox Branson hospital, and a new Panda Express restaurant on Branson Hills Parkway.