It’s been a big job turning a former warehouse for carpet into a clinic that will care for people's medial needs.

Ozarks Community Hospital is constructing its new Evergreen Clinic.  Located on Evergreen St., off N. Glenstone Ave., it will house a major portion of the agency’s outpatient services, doctors, and nurses.

“It is unbelievable. It was honestly just a big huge warehouse,” explained Mary Sherrer, Clinic Administrator.

The building was formerly home to Joe’s Carpet.  Now, it's becoming a modern medical facility with spacious halls, doctors’ offices and care rooms.

“Our hospital is growing.  And we have been growing for a while and we are kind of bursting at the seams,” stated Andrea Harp, OCH’s Communications Manager.

The hospital’s main campus is on N. National Ave., just around the corner from the new Evergreen Clinic.

Harp explained the hospital’s growth has been brought on by the overall boom of the medical industry. Part of that can be attributed to an  aging baby boomer population.

“I am a baby boomer myself.  So it is that time where you start to get a little more concerns about your health. And it is definitely a need,” said Sherrer.

The new clinic will offer healthcare option for people on the far-north side of the city.

“There is a huge need. And it is only going to grow, and that is what we are here to be able to do is provide care to the north side residents,” said Harp.

“I think it is a great thing for this side of town to be able to have those services here offered close by a lot of their homes and schools,” added Sherrer.

Services like surgery, inpatient care, and the Emergency Room services will remain at the main campus.  OCH says the relocation of outpatient operations to the new facility will free up space in the main hospital for new types of medical services.

The new Evergreen Clinic is set to open during the first part of April.