OZARK, Mo. -

It’s hard for Kate Kail to hide her feeling about her new house.

“It’s just coming together beautifully,” Kail explained.  “Right now, I am in love with my kitchen, it is just beautiful!"

Her family’s beautiful new dream home is going up in a subdivision in Christian County.  Inside and out, construction crews are busy playing catch up

“We had a pretty bad winter,” explained John Marion, owner of John Marion Construction.  “Anytime you have the snow or moisture or the rain that puts us back.”

“You have a whole industry of people that are so excited to see the sun shine,” stated Charlyce Ruth, CEO of the Home Builder’s Association. “If it snowed one more day, I think they were all going to scream!”

Crews may be a few weeks behind on this particular site.  But, overall, things are looking good as the housing market bounces back from the recession.

“You are seeing foundations all over the place, sticks going up in the air. A lot of progress,” Ruth stated.

“A lot of people that may have got out of the construction industry because the work wasn’t there, are getting back into the workforce,” said Marion.

The U.S. Commerce Department says construction has indeed been growing.  According to its figures, 2013 ended with the highest number of new homes being built since 2007- before the economy soured.

“I see a continued growth, a slow growth, a steady growth.  We are excited about that. We really don’t want it to spike up. Because...what spikes up spikes down just as quickly,” explained Ruth.

With things like lower interest rates, and a renewed faith in the economy, more people are looking to build their dreams.

“We just kind of had to wait until the time was right with my husband’s job and where our finances were kind of settled,” Kail stated.  “It was just the right time for us to make this move.”