The nearest official Apple computer store all the way up in Kansas City.  But now there's a very similar store meeting their needs much closer to home.

Die-hard Apple computer users in Springfield are now in luck with ‘Simply Mac.’  This new store in Battlefield Mall is not exactly a Mac company store like you’d see in the bigger cities.  Apple has partnered with Simply Mac to bring these slightly smaller stores to smaller sized cities.

“It is going to look very similar to an Apple store beside the bright green tables which is kind of our branding,” said Brice Cranmer, Simply Mac regional manager.

Of course, a computer isn’t just a computer if you are a Mac person.

“The music aspect of Mac and Apple, I just like the format that the computer brings,” said Olivia Wolfram, who was in the new store shopping for a new computer on Thursday.

Here, you can take the latest high-tech tools for a spin -- everything from MacBooks and iMacs, to iPads, iPods, and iPhone.

“We are all about Apple- we know all the Apple products,” said Cranmer.

Simply Mac  hand-picked Springfield for its very first store in the Show-Me State.  The chain, which is focusing on opening new stores in the Midwest, has 16 stores nationwide.

Simply Mac is already open for business and helping customers.  They have grand opening celebrations planned for Friday and Saturday.

Another store Data Systems sells and services Apple products and has been opened for many years.