The Greene County prosecuting attorney charged three people for a shooting just outside Springfield.  Each is charged with robbery and assault.  Investigators say the victim knows his attackers, and the shooting happened after a drug deal went awry.

Willis Prince, 21; Austin Seaver, 19; and Stephanie Sisco, 19, each have bonds of $50,000.  They were all three in the Greene County jail on Friday afternoon.

A witness to the shooting called 9-1-1 on Wednesday afternoon after it happened just south of the James River Freeway on East Buena Vista Street, an unincorporated area that is surrounded by Springfield.   Greene County sheriff's deputies found no victim or attackers when they arrived at the scene.

Later, the 17-year-old victim, Edmund Crow, showed up at a hospital emergency room.   Crow was still hospitalized in stable condition on Friday morning after having two surgeries.  The probable cause statements against the three suspects says one surgery was to remove a bullet and the other was to repair damage from a bullet that went in his back, out his chest and stopped in his elbow.

Deputies arrested the three suspects at a home at 2525 S. Jefferson Ave., where they think they went to hide after the shooting.  Investigators found a handgun that may have shot Crow after the homeowner gave them consent to search his home.

Prince, Seaver, and Sisco are charged with first-degree robbery, second-degree robbery, and armed criminal action, or being an accessory to those crimes.  The probable cause statement says the trio arranged to buy marijuana from Crow but actually planned to steal the pot from him at gunpoint.

The group picked up Crow at a strip mall along South Campbell Avenue, the probable cause statement says Sisco told detectives.  They then drove him to Buena Vista Street.  Sisco said two guns were in Prince's van -- one in Seaver's hand and one on the floorboard.  During the drive, Sisco said, they told Crow he was going to be robbed, and Seaver held a gun on Crow while Prince talked to him from the driver's seat.

Once the van stopped, Prince got out, went to the other side, and tried to throw Crow out of the van, Sisco told police.  Crow resisted, and was thrown against the van, and then reached for his marijuana.  That's when he was shot by Seaver. 

Crow ran in one direction and Prince ran in another direction before circling back, and the trio then drove to the home on Jefferson, where someone cleaned the .38-caliber pistol with bleach.  Police found the gun in a bathroom.

The probable cause statement against Seaver says he admitted he'd cocked the pistol while he was holding it on Crow.  He said he didn't mean to shoot Crow, but only had the gun to intimidate him.  Seaver also told detectives that he was upset at Crow for burglarizing his home and wanted to teach him a lesson, according to the probable cause statement.

The probable cause statement against Prince says he admitted to planning to rob Crow.  After Crow was shot, Prince said he ran because he thought he also was shot.  When he realized he was okay, Prince told detectives, he went back to the van and drove away with the other two.

If they're convicted, Prince, Seaver and Sisco could get prison sentences up to 30 years for robbery, up to seven years for assault, and three years or more for armed criminal action.