In a matter of minutes Charlene Nall, her son and two grandsons went from having a home, to being homeless in these cold temperatures.

"I had been doing laundry all day and decided to go to McDonald's to get a bite to eat and my son got a call then, while we were at McDonald's, and said the house was on fire," said Nall.

The lint vent on the back of the dryer is what Nall was told sparked the fire that engulfed her trailer at Sunset Estates off West Chestnut Expressway. 

Nall and her family are just a few of the more than 420 people whom the Southern Missouri chapter of the American Red Cross has helped so far this year with disaster relief assistance.  A budget of $45,000 for January was pushed to more than $84,000 in expenses.

Luckily, Nall's friends and family, along with the Red Cross, have really stepped up the last few weeks and helped with donations, providing everything from food to clothing so that they can leave the charred remains behind.

"They gave the kids a stuffed animal and a blanket, which helped, and gave me a voucher to get us into a motel and food and some clothes," said Nall.

Nall's grandsons also got new glasses, thanks to the kids' schools, as well as a bunch of donated clothing, all for which she's thankful.

"I don't know what I would've done without the donations and help," she said.

The family lost two dogs in the fire. 

Debi Meeds, the regional chief executive officer of the Red Cross, says this is the first time in nine years they have exceeded the budget by this much.

The Red Cross' website has information on how people can help it with its disaster relief aid.