The lunch rush was back on Wednesday at a north side restaurant.  Hibachi Grill and Supreme Buffet reopened after being closed for 12 days following serious health code violations, including cockroaches, dirty utensils, and foods stored at dangerous temperatures.

"I figured, if they got caught once, it's got to be good today," customer Josa Richards said.

The inspection violations on July 10 marked the fourth time for the restaurant to be closed.  The inspector cited 14 critical violations.

"We were very excited and are happy customers are coming back," restaurant manager Victoria Crigan said.

The restaurant on Kearney Street gave KY3 cameras full access after the doors re-opened on Wednesday.  hey showed off the big improvements and thanked the Springfield-Greene County Health Department.

"They (health inspectors) were right here by us whenever we needed them.  They helped us, you know, with everything we needed the last 12 days.  (Inspectors) helped us reopen as soon as possible," Crigan said.

Springfield-Greene County Health Department assistant director Clay Goddard said  the cockroaches are disease vectors.

"Anytime you have a creature crawling on the floor, crawling through garbage and crawling onto food, that's a significant concern for public health," Goddard said.

Customers at Hibachi on Wednesday said they nnew about the violations but decided to give Hibachi another chance.

"I was glad they were open," Richards said.

KY3 asked Goddard what type of system is in place to make sure customers know about the past violations.  Restaurants in Greene County are not graded with letters or percentages, and businesses are not required to post notices of violations in plain sight.

'You can ask, as a consumer, to receive that inspection report if you like," Goddard said.

Goddard also pointed out consumers can access the information online.  He believes posted grades could ultimately do a disservice.

"That creates a false sense of security if you see an A (rating).  You're not doing your research and due diligence as a consumer," he said.

Health inspectors will be back at Hibachi weekly to make sure they are following proper procedures.  Restaurants with buffets are checked out a minimum of three times a year.  All inspections are unannounced.