It's one of the oldest scams around, but a Branson West woman was able to dupe the crooks.

Not a week goes by that KY3 News doesn't hear about the classic Publishers Clearing House Scam. People typically get a phone call or a letter in the mail stating they won money. Winners must pay a fee and send their social security number.

Sue Dillard won't be fooled. She got a phone call. The scammer told her she won three million dollars.

"I was supposed to take down a bunch of information and get my social security number ready and call back to this phone number he gave me," she said.

Instead of calling the con back, Dillard did her homework.

"AT&T said they'd make you listen to ten minutes of a pre-recorded message and you had to listen to the entire message so you can answer the questions at the end. While you're listening, they're racking up the money," said Dillard.

Swindlers have you foot the phone bill and steal your private info.

People should never have to pay money to win money.

Always report fraud calls.

Here are some common area codes scam artists use:

809-Dominican Republic

284-Virgin Islands


Dillard says this is the fraud Publishers Clearing House number 876-567-4342.

Publishers Clearing House surprises people in person. They'll never call you.

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