On Monday, Sept. 23, the Webster County Sheriff's Department got a report of a stolen vehicle out of Lebanon, heading their way.  A deputy spotted Nick Johnson and followed him on Interstate 44.  At one point, Johnson got off and headed down rural roads.

"He crashed through gates, fences and ended up leaving the vehicle destroyed amongst trees and fled with an unidentified female," said Deputy John Everett.

That was at Compton Hollow Conservation Area, near Route KK.  A deer camera in the area captured the last image of Johnson and the woman.

"I don't know if he is still in the area or not.  He does have friends throughout Missouri and most of those are prison connections," Everett said.

Detectives say Johnson targets unlocked cars that have the keys inside.  Once he finds one, he'll use it for whatever he wants, then get rid of it.  Many of the cars he's taken, he says, have been destroyed.

Johnson's violent behavior, past and present, leads deputies to believe he's armed.

"He has been known recently to pull a knife on a friend of his, ran that friend away from his own house," said Everett.

They also think he could be in one of three, possibly four, counties in the Ozarks.

"If I were to take a real strong guess, he's still in Laclede, Webster or Greene County," said Everett.

There's a $200 reward for any information leading to the arrest of Johnson.  If you have any tips, call the Webster County Sheriff's Department at (417) 468-2222.