For some, Christmas means getting out the tree and decorating.  For others, it's a time to give.

Karen Williams is a volunteer with Share Your Christmas, a nonprofit organization that collects families' names and needs, and helps them out every Christmas.

"It really touches your heart.  I teared up a few times just filling them out.  It just really touches your heart that they just need simple things in life and can't afford it," said Williams.

Board member Jean Ellen Tapp says it's as easy as one, two, three.

"We have their wishes on these cards and the community comes in and picks a card and they go shopping for them and bring back the gifts and we get the gifts to those people," said Tapp.

It's not just parents who sign up their children every year.  It's also elderly people.  They ask for things like cleaning supplies and vitamins, a reason that program organizers really need folks to donate this year.

More than 400 individuals will get help this year.  The highest need was for children's toys and clothing. While it seems like a lot of people in need, organizers say the community pulls through every year.

"It's awesome.  It gives you a sense of pride in your community because they really stepped up and said, 'Hey ya, we are going to take care of our own,'" said Williams.

The last day to donate is Dec. 17.  On Dec. 20, families can pick up the items. To donate, go to the former Shadel's Colonial Chapel location, 615 W. Elm St. (Missouri 32/Business Loop 44), in Lebanon.