Police are looking for a man who stole and then crashed a Dade County sheriff deputy's car on Sunday morning.

The Missouri Highway Patrol reports the crash was south of Greenfield around 10:30 a.m.  When the thief struck another car, the patrol car rolled into the ditch and caught fire. The driver ran away from the crash scene and no law enforcement agency reported his arrest by late Sunday night.

The Dade County sheriff on Sunday did not release any information about how the patrol car was stolen.  Ashley Stoker, the woman whose car was hit by the thief as she drove to church, said officers told her that the thief got into some sort of argument before he stole the deputy's car.

Stoker said her car went in a ditch and stopped on its own after she was hit.

"I was definitely being watched over by God," Stoker said.  "My air bags went off and they protected me, and sweet people in Greenfield stopped and helped me."

Stoker has some scratches on her face but appeared to be okay, otherwise, on Sunday morning.