A shooting injured a man and a woman early Friday at a home just north of the square.  Police Chief Doug Fannen says a suspect is in custody and officers are not looking for anyone else.  No charges were filed by Friday evening, however.

The shooting was in the 300 block of North Fulton Street, near Burford Street, around 4 a.m.   Two people who live in the home are the ones who were shot.  Fannen said the woman has life threatening injuries and the man was treated at a hospital and released.  

A man who lives in a nearby apartment building is the suspect.  Fannen says he fled from the shooting scene but police arrested him at his apartment, where they also collected possible evidence. 

Fannen said a dispute between the apartment resident and the shooting victims apparently led to the shooting.  Fannen says officers have dealt with people on both sides of the dispute multiple times. 

“Based off the evidence and statements that we have, we feel confident that we have our suspect and there is no threat to anyone else in the city or any other neighbors,” the chief said.  “A shooting is very rare in this town, period.  We don’t have a lot of violent crime.”

A neighbor says police were at the home a few nights ago because of an argument between the people in the home and the apartment resident.   She also says a lot of people have been coming and going from the house, and staying only a short time.

“There’s been quite a little activity going on over there.  I didn’t think it would come down to this, but I guess it did,” said neighbor Jessie Graves.

Much of Friday, officers scoured the ground outside the home for possible evidence, but wouldn’t say what they were seeking.  Fannen said early in the afternoon that officers had not yet found the weapon. 


Editor's note: Some earlier versions of this report misspelled the police chief's name.  We regret the error.