January typically brings a boost in business for gym memberships, but especially for owners of smaller locally owned gyms. Business owner Shem Johnson of Primal Fitness says both membership and retention rates increased at his gym in 2013 and he's hoping for the same this year.

The fitness center offers everything from group training to strength and conditioning in smaller sized classes, which some say help promote accountability making it easier to stick to goals and resolutions.

This trend is not only happening locally but around the nation. according to a study conducted by IDEA, a national association of fitness professionals, small group personal training and boot camp classes in the United States have grown in popularity and availability by more than half in a seven year time period.

"I find it to be more of an intimate setting. People want to be able to go in somewhere and learn knowledge about what it is they're doing," said Johnson.

"So many people go into a commercial gym and they see so many different things it's overwhelming. Here it's nothing but body weights. I eventually teach them how to use free weights so they can feel comfortable knowing how [to exercise]," Johnson explained.

"I like that we're like a family. We are all close, it's not just somewhere that you go and you run on a treadmill for 30 minutes and then you're out the door. we get to know each other, we bond, we're there for each other," said Jessica McClanahan, a group fitness class participant.

Four out of five people who make New Year's resolutions will eventually break them. A third won't make it to the end of January. That's according to a survey by time management firm Franklin Covey.