You probably wouldn't think twice about pulling out your cell phone and taking a picture of a family member, even inside a hospital.

Employees at Springfield's Mercy Hospital recently confronted a woman who did just that, took a picture of her son at his doctor's appointment.

Following KY3s story on the incident, we heard from a lot of viewers wondering why that mother was detained by a security guard after she took the picture.  Now, people are wanting to know what is policy?  What can and cannot be shot or videotaped?

Both Mercy and Cox say their intent is NOT to stop patients from capturing those special moments, but the issue is privacy for patients and for providers.

We met up with a new mom who had a baby boy on Tuesday at Mercy, and she says she captured the whole thing on her camera with no problem.

Mercy says its photo/video policy is under review, but it's not intended to prohibit patients from taking a picture of their newborn baby within the privacy of their patient room. They say the policy is meant to protect other patients, visitors, co-workers and providers who do not wish to appear in someone else's picture.

At Cox, they have a similar photo policy.  Cox says verbal consent from everyone in the picture is needed, and same goes for video.

"It is up to the discretion of the doctor.  If they don't want any videotaping taking place there, they have every single right to say please don't videotape in this treatment or patient care area, because that's our policy is no videotaping.  But if they all give permission, then that is completely fine," explained Michelle Leroux, media specialist for CoxHealth.

"We have his new Nikon that we just got and he was able to take that camera back in there to the room and take as many pictures as we wanted, they let you get right up with him," said new mother Stephanie Forbes, speaking of her experience at Mercy while having her new baby.

Cox says if someone takes a picture in the waiting area for instance, and captures someone else in the background, they might ask the person to delete the photo, or they might ask the person to leave the property.   But they cannot force you to delete it, or force you to hand over your phone.  They say hospitals serve the public, but are NOT public property, so therefore they can ask you to leave.