A business owner and/or his employees may be in trouble because of the sensitive noses of off-duty Springfield police officers.  Police raided Michael’s Designing Jewelry, 2000 S. Stewart Ave., on Wednesday afternoon and seized drug paraphernalia and substances that may be marijuana and marijuana residue.

A search warrant affidavit filed at the Greene County Circuit Clerk’s Office says off-duty officers were at the headquarters of the Springfield Police Officers Association in the strip mall along Stewart Avenue.  About 1:30 a.m. on April 9, the officers said, they smelled marijuana smoke coming from the business next door, which is Michael’s Designing Jewelry, owned by Michael L. Lewis.

The officers told the police department’s Narcotics Unit, which got a search warrant.
During the raid, according to the search warrant document, officers seized a handgun and ammo, a black pouch with “baggies of controlled substance” that was in a desk, a pipe and a scale in a desk, a baggie with residue, drug paraphernalia, a marijuana pipe that was in a woman’s pocket, three bags with residue and a bag with marijuana that was in a backpack, a bag with syringes, and a baggie that was in Lewis’ pocket.

No charges are filed, and it could be months before police send a probable cause statement to the Greene County prosecuting attorney for possible charges because the seized property will have to be tested at the state Crime Lab to see if it really is marijuana.