Driving through a parking lot at Missouri State University requires a lot of patience.

"It's very aggravating. It's overcrowded, even the parking garages are full all the time," said  MSU Senior, Rachel Brown.

Just one week into the new school year and some say there's a noticeable difference this year.

"Last year it was bad but them getting rid of that other parking lot this year has really made a big change. I wish they could build another parking garage or parking lot somewhere before they tear one down just to put in another sports facility," said Shelby Filbeck.

But it's not just the sports facilities that have changed the lay of the land. According to the MSU website portions of two other lots have closed so construction crews have room to work on a new Welcome Center and Occupational Therapy building. Due to  the lack of available spaces, some have resorted to making their own.

"People park in no parking spaces, and in the grass. You can't even navigate the parking lot at all, you have to reverse," said Brown.

The parking garages are maxed out as well.

“Yesterday I drove around for an hour just to find parking and I just went home because I never found a spot," said Brown.

These changes have resulted in the loss of about 500 parking spots. Still some are optimistic the current conditions might improve as the semester progresses.

"Usually after the first couple weeks of class half the people don't even show up anyways so there will be more spots then but until then it's kind of frustrating," said Brown.

University transit officials declined to comment on the parking situation but in a news release said "they've been able to absorb most of the demand for parking in other areas of campus."