Feeling it was being bullied by a licensing company representing the University of Missouri, a school district in Arkansas chose to fight a demand that it no longer use its school logo of a tiger.  This week, the "bully" backed down.

The company representing the University of Missouri-Columbia says Green Forest Public Schools in Arkansas now has official permission to use its logo. Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) sent a letter to the Green Forest superintendent this week saying that it will not continue its request for the school to change its logo so long as the school continues to "maintain the integrity, reputation, character, goodwill, and dignity" of the tiger logo.

Last year, CLC notified Green Forest that it believed the school's logo looked similar enough to the Mizzou Tiger logo to warrant a violation of its copyright.
CLC then requested that Green Forest cease using its logo. The Green Forest School Board voted unanimously for the superintendent to fight the request.

With the arrival of the agreement this week, it would appear the controversy over the logo is over.

"They are giving us permission to use the logo, but it still is our logo," Green Forest Superintendent Matt Summers said on Friday. "The only reason we initially considering backing down and changing our logo was so that we weren't killed by legal fees fighting their request. We never felt out logo was a copy of Mizzou's logo."