No word yet if Saturday's high winds caused a light pole to fall onto a mini van.

It happened as a driver was heading down Kansas Expressway.

She says she slowed down, the pole fell and landed right on top of her mini-van.

Two people were inside the van and no one was hurt.

It was about three years ago when two of City Utilities light poles fell, one hitting a car, the other just fell into the street.

CU is in charge of the poles.  The company told us that following the 2007 ice storm, CU contracted the services of a company that specialized in examining utility poles, and over 80,000 poles were inspected then, but none of them light poles.

Then, two years ago this month, a string on light poles fell down along Sunshine street.

CU says the money to replace these falls into the same category of replacing things like transformers when they blow.  CU says the reason they haven't already been replaced, is because of the cost.

To replace one metal pole costs $3,500.  According to CU, last year there were about 2,300 of the older metal poles, and more than 200 of them needed to be replaced.