The All Saints Anglican Church is building a new, traditional English style church. The five-year-old congregation combines its message of the gospel with old English traditions.

Despite the recent start of the congregation, it has grown quite a bit in a short amount of time. Father Doug McGlynn says the church began with about 20 to 30 members who held services by renting space form a Lutheran Church in town.

But now the congregation has grown to nearly a hundred members, so it is building a new church in the traditional 14th-century English style in the Galloway area of Springfield. Father McGlynn says he hopes the new building will allow the church to grow for years to come.

"We have indications that there are a lot of people in this city who are looking for what we offer and who we are, although we're not out to steal sheep from other places," McGlynn said. "We're here to use this building to provide people with places where they can come and grow as Christians."

Father McGlynn says the church was built in the traditional style because they want it to last for over a century. They modeled it after old English churches that have been around for several hundred years.

They hope to be finished with construction on their new building in southwest Springfield by early next summer, which would mean the total construction would take about a year and a half. The church has invited a special guest to come when construction is finished next summer. The Archbishop of the church in North America will be there on May 3, 2014, to consecrate the church.