About a quarter of the jobs Springfield Builders Incorporated works on have been delayed because of the snowy weather and freezing temperatures.

Officials say about 5 out of their current 19 jobs will be pushed back a little.
Director of Business Development and Pre Construction Tony Hopkins says many construction workers have been finding inside work, like these men here show working on the Green Circle Offices at Farmers Park. He also says it's hard for crews to place frozen material in the ground, so often times things get postponed a few days. Although they plan for cold temperatures, Hopkins says he would have never guessed it would have lasted this long.

"I know that around hear weather is always a concern for construction whether it's raining or whether it's snowing or whether it's cold for a long time or too hot, we are always affected, our guys are always affected in the field, but this year it seems to be pretty persistent" says Hopkins.

Hopkins says with the weather warming back up a little bit, more crews should be out working. Luckily the slow in business won't affect the company financially too much, it just means projects might take more time to complete.