A dip below freezing makes for a rude morning wake up. Now imagine heading out for the day without a winter coat.

"It's supposed to be really cold over the next couple days," says Anna Sommer. Sommer says she and her ten-month-old son Isaiah know what it's like to be cold. In fact Sommer says it's hard finding clothes for her son in general.

"My son really doesn't have any clothes. We need clothes that really fit him," says Sommers.

Members of The Kitchen say they are always in need of donations -- but this time of year, they particularly need children's winter clothes, something they are really short on.

"We all have neighbors, and these people that we are serving here are our neighbors. And we need to take care of one another -- and that's one of the things this world is really lacking right now is taking care of our neighbor," Rorie Orgeron, The Kitchen chief executive officer said. "We have people starving all over the world and without suitable clothing all over the world."

Sommer's friend Craig Ryn also agrees.

"It just gets really bad, especially for the children, you know we need to keep them warm so they don't get sick," Ryn said.

The center gives away about a thousand free coats every winter season, as well as another thousand blankets, but there's still a growing need.

"I mean Salvation Army gives coats away, Victory Mission does and several other organizations -- so there is a huge need for coats and warm clothes in the winter time," Orgeron said.

To donate or get help, these are links to several agencies that can help;