While Ryan Handy shops for supplies, he says he knows what's coming in the next few days, bad weather. Handy co-owns Scenic Place Apartments and says it's important for his residents to feel safe and comfortable when the weather gets rough.

"Ironically I'm the maintenance guy, the property manager and everything by myself," Handy said. "I've got an assistant, but I go out and wait till morning, go out -- shovel, do the slow blower, then I lay down the ice melt and hope nobody slips and falls."

So what's Handy shopping for today?

"Go ahead and get the ice melt, maybe a little sand, a snow blower, shovels, sweatshirts, hats," Handy said.

Lowe's assistant store manager Tim Hamburg says that some of the most common things people purchase includes ice melt, gloves and shovels -- all things to help keep you prepared for when the weather gets cold out.

"We've already had a lot of people looking for tube sand for traction, and snow shovels have been real real big," Hamburg said. "People have been buying ice melt just getting ready because the threat really increases business on that."

He also says he expects more sales this year because of the already cold temperatures.

"Everyone says we're going to have a worse winter than what we've had in the past so people are really worried about it this year," Hamburg said. "We didn't really have bad weather last year, so people are worried and preparing for it earlier this year, getting ready for it."

There's one more thing that Handy keeps handy for when weather strikes.

"I got the KY3 app that tells me when the weather is coming, I just wait and it tells me when it's coming and say okay lets do it," says Handy.