I was running on empty physically and emotionally. Some days it just seemed too hard to get up and start the day. I think every mom goes through this. Every mom wants to be their best for their family. I felt that it was a never ending battle to make the “right” choices for them. It was always hit and miss due to budget and time. I had tremendous guilt that I wasn't doing better at providing a healthy and productive life style for them. Plus I worried about my husband’s family history of heart disease. On one side of this family not one male has lived past the age of 55. The thought of losing my husband when it could be prevented was hard for me to even think about.

I wanted more for my family and myself. I wanted to be the modern Brady Bunch. I would find that I was always falling short, I felt like a failure. It was my fault the kids had sugary snacks, meals that came out of boxes, and had drive-thru dinners.

On my way to work I caught the information for the BetterU challenge on the radio. I had a mixture of excitement and fear, but I didn't want the fear to stop me. I thought to myself, This is the change you wanted, the fear and excuses will have to go out of the window.

Since starting the BetterU program I have realized it is the small steps that you “master” that make the big change. Most importantly I realized the only control I have is with me and the choices I can make. With those changes my family has seen a difference and they want to jump on board.  For example, now the #1 rule is everyone has to have breakfast to start their day.

There is no such thing as a “Brady Bunch” family. I have stopped being so hard on myself and realize that with becoming a better me I have made my family better.