Video: Reboot your relationship

On this Live, Life, Well, we're looking at two easy hacks to improve your marriage.

Rain Moving Back into the Ozarks.

Warm sunny weather will give way to mild temperatures with rain

Legal bills for Greene County Commissioners top more than $150,000 for taxpayers

"This number will go up," said Greene County Commissioner Lincoln Hough, who told KY3/KSPR he believes the legal fees could have been avoided.

Filtered sun and highs in the 60s

Better rain chances next week



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NBC News Headlines

Package bomber terrorized Austin — but was he a terrorist? It all comes down to motive

A crime is classified as terrorism only if it is politically motivated.

U.S. drops charges against Turkish president's bodyguards in D.C. brawl

The charges were dropped a day before then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was to meet with Turkey's president. The State Dept. said that's a coincidence.

Family of truck driver killed in FIU bridge collapse sues builders

"They know better than to not shut that roadway down right before that collapse."

Marjory Stoneman Douglas students to get 'clear backpacks'

Broward County Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie introduced the new measures in a letter sent to students' families this week.

Ata skeleton is not alien but a human fetus

Genetic research shows the six-inch-long skeleton belonged to a human fetus that had multiple genetic defects.