Warmer air moving in

Temperatures climbing into the 60s to kick off the weekend

Stockton man charged with first degree murder out of jail

Ramie Halbrook is accused of shooting Joseph Roberts to death.

Storms this evening

Storms this evening will give way to some sunshine and cooler weather Saturday.

16 homes being demolished to make way for development

The homes are being demolished to make way for a new retail development,

On Your Side: Scam victims might be able to get some money back

If your claim is verified, the amount you get will depend on how much you lost and the number of people who submit valid claims.

New flamingos added to Wonders of Wildlife animal menagerie

Flamingos are the latest addition to the 35,000 live animals at the Wonders of Wildlife Museum.

OZARK LIFE FLASHBACK 1988: Meet the father, son on cover of famous Ozark Mountain Daredevils album

In 1976, the Ozark Mountain Daredevils released an album titled 'Men from Earth.'



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NBC News Headlines

Engineers saw cracks in Miami bridge days before collapse

Engineers working on the bridge that buckled at Florida International University attempted to warn state officials of cracks on the walkway two days before the deadly collapse, according to transcript released Friday night by the Florida Department of Transportation.

Trump tries to move Stormy suit to fed court, says she owes him $20M

President Trump has tapped Hulk Hogan's attorney in an effort to get Stormy Daniels' suit moved to federal court.

North Carolina man helps find missing people, pro bono

David Marshburn is both a bounty hunter and a private investigator in North Carolina. David and his search dog, Kaz, played a key role in the missing persons case of Army medic Kelli Bordeaux, covered in the Dateline report "Deep in the Woods."

NYC docs took bribes, lap dances to prescribe opioid, feds say

Five Manhattan doctors are accused of taking $800,000 in "speaker fees," plus gifts like casino and strip club outings, to prescribe the Insys drug Subsys, a powerful opioid.

Why did Miami bridge collapse? More than one reason likely

"I believe it will be found that it will not be just one thing that happened — it almost never is," says one bridge engineer.