Fantastic Friday Forecast

Sunshine and warm south winds will continue boosting temperatures

OTC Hollister classes

Kadee Brosseau reports

Ozark Life Flashback: Visit Springfield's Clock Shop

It's best to visit a clock shop at noon, to hear the chorus of chimes. KY3's Ed Fillmer visited in 1979. It's now a framing store.

KY3 Meteorologist Brandon Beck reports from Alaska

KY3 Meteorologist Brandon Beck is traveling with Holiday Vacations in Alaska.

Business moves to Amazon to help customers

A Greenfield family is taking their spice business to Amazon to save customers' some money.



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NBC News Headlines

Jellyfish sting thousands off Florida beaches

"This has probably been the worst summer in a long time," a surfing instructor says.

Trump reverses Obama policy again, this time on how to treat oceans

Trump says Obama-era policy on the oceans was overly bureaucratic. Instead of conservation, his plan focuses on business and national security.

Is there a surge of fake families at the border? Experts cast doubts

DHS pointed to a surge of minors who have been "used and trafficked by unrelated adults in an effort to avoid detention." Not exactly, experts say.

Suspect arrested in rapper XXXTentacion's death

Dedrick Williams is charged with first-degree murder without premeditation, a probation violation, and with failing to have a valid driver's license.

Can a TB vaccine help diabetics?

BCG vaccine may change the way the body handles sugar, study finds