Springfield, MO

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Hi: 90° Lo: 67°

Feels like 73°F
Precipitation: 0%
Humidity: 87%

Dewpoint: 69°
Heat Index: 73°
Wind Direction: SSE
Wind Speed: 10 mph

Sunrise: 07:01:37 am
Sunset: 07:09:51 pm

Mostly sunny. Highs in the upper 80s and lows in the upper 60s.

5 AM


Humidity: 92%
Precip: 0%

6 AM


Humidity: 93%
Precip: 0%

7 AM


Humidity: 92%
Precip: 0%

8 AM


Humidity: 91%
Precip: 0%

9 AM


Humidity: 85%
Precip: 0%

10 AM


Humidity: 76%
Precip: 0%


Hi: 88° Lo: 68

Hi: 87° Lo: 67

Hi: 85° Lo: 68

Hi: 83° Lo: 64

Hi: 72° Lo: 55

Hi: 72° Lo: 53

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Near record highs across the Ozarks today! Springfield has hit 92 on the top of the hours and the record for today is 93. Ninety degree heat is forecast for one more day before cooler air begins to filter back into the region.

Tonight under a clear sky temperatures should fall to around 70. Look for a threepeat on Friday with a high around 90. Oh by the way Friday is the first day of fall but it won’t feel like it. Fall officially arrives at 3:02 pm.

The weekend also looks nice. A handful of showers is possible each day but most areas will remain dry. Highs should cool off to the mid and upper 80’s.

There is a decent chance for rain on Tuesday and especially Wednesday of next week. Highs will cool to the 70’s with the rain and the long range forecast is calling for highs in the mid to upper 60’s for the final weekend of September.


Weather Headlines

Updated: 09/21/2017 - One more really hot day with highs in record territory before cooler weather returns.
Updated: 09/12/2017 - Here are three organizations asking for your help in storm assistance in Texas.
Updated: 04/30/2017 - Check road closings on MoDOT's interactive map.
Posted: 09/21/2017 - Maria has killed at least 10 people across the Caribbean.
Posted: 04/27/2017 - The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is warning about possible flooding downstream from the lakes of the White River Basin.