Accountants in the Ozarks feel pressure as July 15th tax deadline approaches

Published: Jul. 8, 2020 at 9:13 PM CDT|Updated: Jul. 8, 2020 at 10:07 PM CDT
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State and Federal taxes were due on April 15, but the pandemic pushed the deadline back to July 15.

As the deadline to file taxes creeps closer and closer, accountants in the Ozarks are feeling the pressure.

“It’s been very crazy, it’s actually been crazy since last week,” said Kelly Ball.

Kelly Ball is an accountant in Highlandville, he says most of his colleagues are booked solid with appointments right now.

“The ones who procrastinate normally by April 15, have just delayed it another three months, and now the deadline is July 15 so they are trying to get in,” said Ball.

Ball says if you haven’t done your taxes yet, don’t wait and miss the new deadline.

“The farther you delay beyond the due date to file the return you are adding more penalties on that balance due,” said Ball.

But, there are options with the IRS for you, if you are unable to pay right away.

“You can always get ahold of them and make a payment arrangement of doing it over time or you pay it whenever you can, as much as you possibly can as quickly as you can,” said Ball.

“The IRS will accept payment by credit card, if you are able to do that and you think you will be able to pay it soon, you won’t have to worry about failure to pay penalties,” said Dr. Tiffany Cossey.

And, if you are still on the search for where to file your taxes, CPA Dr. Cossey says to be aware of scammers on false tax websites, looking to steal your identity.

“If you are not using a CPA to help you file your taxes and you’re looking for free good software, you don’t want to just click on any site, I would definitely go through the IRS website to find a trusted provider,” said Dr. Cossey.

Both Ball and Dr. Cossy say if you don’t have the documents ready to file before the deadline, its best to request an extension with the IRS, which would give you until October 15 to file, although if you think you owe money on your return, payment will still be due on July 15.

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