On Your Side Investigation: Man says sued Ozarks roofer signed his name on documents

Published: Jul. 9, 2020 at 9:09 PM CDT
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More fallout for the Ozarks roofer who took thousands from customers and did not start jobs.

Now Dakoda Truitt, with Truitt’s Roofing is accused of something else.

“I definitely wouldn’t want to be on air talking to you guys if I had anything to do with it,” said Brandon Gremmels.

He says he grew up with Dakoda Truitt and now has a big problem.

“It has just been a disaster,” he said.

Since April, On Your Side has covered Dakoda Truitt with Truitt’s Roofing. Customers, including a church, paid thousands and waited months. Truitt never started the work. So far, three customers and two supply companies have filed lawsuits. In total, customers and suppliers say Dakoda Truitt owes them more than $130,000.

Truitt has not filed a formal response in any of these cases.

In our last report, we told you Dakoda Truitt started a new business, Midwest Roofing and Construction.

Besides Dakoda Truitt, there's another name on state document for the LLC. It's Brandon Gremmels.

“I don’t know anything about roofing,” said Gremmels.

Gremmels says he didn’t agree to be part of this business. He says last fall, Truitt made an offer.

“Asked if I wanted to be a silent partner where I would just use my credit to help finance the roofs. I told him I wasn’t sure. I don’t know if I wanted to do that. He added my name to it somehow. Without my information. He didn’t have my middle name. Didn’t have my social security number. Didn’t have any of that information,” said Gremmels.

He fears he could be sued for money owed by Truitt.

“I don’t want him out here doing work with that company and doing the same stuff he did with his company and it fall back on me,” said Gremmels.

The address on the LLC is where Dakoda lives. On Your Side verified that through court documents. This week, Ashley Reynolds went back to that home to speak with Truitt. No one came to the door.

How can this happen? Turns out making an LLC in Missouri is easy. A worker with the Secretary of State tells on Your Side, you don’t need permission to put someone’s name on this document. But there is one thing, it’s right above Brandon’s signature. It reads: The facts stated above are true and correct.

“He told me it was an accident. He’s now having fun on vacation while I’m here stressing about issues that should have never happened,” said Gremmels.

Lori Rook with Ozarks Business Law, a division of Ozarks Elder Law, says lawsuits against the new company can always be filed, but it’s tough to pin Brandon.

“Brandon can’t be held personally liable,” she said.

But getting his name off the document is an uphill battle. The Secretary of State just files the paperwork.

“They’re not going to get involved with that because it’s a he said/she said situation. That’s the wall he’s going to keep running into,” Rook said.

If your name is on a business document and you didn’t okay, the Secretary of State says call law enforcement. Brandon called the Springfield Police but says he was told to call the Secretary of State. Right now, he’s trying to get an amendment to the LLC. The state can add an amendment, but that original document never goes away.

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