Fit Life: Building up your hip strength and balance

Published: Jul. 24, 2020 at 10:33 AM CDT
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On this Fit Life, we’re going to talk about hip strength. Pam Morris of XFit has a couple of exercises set up.

We’re gonna do a deadlift. It’s actually a dead shifting deadlift. So, it will get you ready eventually for a single leg deadlift. But, it also activates the hamstrings, glutes and helps with core stability.

Paul's going to use a kettlebell. I'm going to use this medicine ball. So, you're going to pick up one foot and the back foot stays on the ground (see video).

You’re going to keep a nice long back like you would in a deadlift. Pick that weight up and bring it up, and then put it back down. So, you can feel your hamstring and your hip working.

This will help with your balance and your single leg deadlift. Then, you can also take that weight, pick it up and bring that foot forward so that's a modification or an advanced modification or version of that.

And, then you can actually get to where you can do the single leg deadlift, which would be your deadlift.

The next one includes a rotational dead weight shift. We can start with one leg closest to the box and you're gonna take that weight off the box and then put it back on the box. Then, you would switch legs.

We can advance the number to where you bring that foot back and forth with your rotation.

If you do cross chops on the cable machine, high, low chops, the next move is a horizontal dead weight shifting of the weight, instead of doing that with the cable machine.

Then the last one is a rotational wide stance dead shift. So, you have one weight near one foot. You’re gonna pick that up, put it over on the other side. Pick it up, put it over on the other side.

Now, if you have a kettlebell you’re going to just do one hand at a time. Okay, switch hands right now. Put that hand, left hand near your left foot.

And if you have a medicine ball, you can bring it up and over, and keep walking. Or you can pick it up, bring your foot together put it back there. So there’s all kinds of versions of that and then you can swing it in between your legs.

That’s Pam Morris with XFit getting you ready with some hip strength and balance exercises on this Fit life.

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