Safety advice for lost children at the fair

Published: Jul. 31, 2020 at 9:09 PM CDT
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Whether its the crowds of people or the excitement from all the rides, it can be easy for parents to want to be extra cautious at the fair, especially when it comes to keeping their track of their kids.

“When there are a lot more people, I am a lot more closely, he is probably on me like I am holding him,” said Alicia Smith.

Some parents like Alicia Smith say they do have a safety plan in place which they remind their children about before heading out.

“He knows what to do if a stranger comes up to him,” said Smith.

But, Springfield Police Officials say one situation they deal with at the fair is lost, children.

“As in turn around and my parents aren’t there and they lose track and sight of their parents, so we do deal with that quite often,” said Lt. Jennifer Charleston.

Lt. Charleston recommends taking a picture of your group or your child before your time at the fair...especially during an era when they might be wearing a mask.

“You get kinda a clear vision of what they are wearing and how we can better locate then,” said Lt. Charleston.

Lt. Charleston also encourages families to come up with a meeting point.

“At any point in time, if you lose track of anybody and you wander off and you want to go off and do this activity or do this ride that you have a meeting point and you go to that place, so that way it keeps everybody organized,” said Lt. Charleston.

Springfield Police Officers will also be working in collaboration with the security team at the fair to keep everyone safe and happy.

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