Parents show mixed feelings over Springfield Public Schools reopening plan

More reaction to Springfield School District's plans to re-open campuses for the fall.
Published: Aug. 2, 2020 at 11:07 PM CDT
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More parents and guardians are reacting to Springfield School District’s plans to reopen campuses for the fall. While some want school to be fully back in session others are concerned it’s too soon to welcome students back full time during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since those plans have been released there’s been a “Reopen Springfield Schools” Facebook Group made, a rally protesting the re-entry plans and most recent three families are filing a lawsuit with the school. Others said that although the options aren’t ideal bashing the district needs to stop.

Donna Maggard has two kids who attend Kickapoo High School. For the fall semester they’re choosing the option to attend two days in school and the other three virtually. She said the fall re-entry plan isn’t ideal but she’s willing to compromise.

”Nobody wanted this. Nobody expected this. You have to deal with what you got at hand and deal with it the best you can,” said parent, Donna Maggard.

Maggard thinks the districts plans to offer lesson five days a week, virtually or two days on campus, three days virtually for the entire school year are reasonable given how large the district is. Chosen options cannot be changed until after the first semester.

”They didn’t say it’s a no five days ever. They’re starting it slow and working their way up. See how it goes the first quarter how many cases,” said Maggard.

She said she understands why parents are upset with the plan.

“I am a single parent. I do get it. I feel for the people who don’t have the child care or having to find child care for those that are younger,”said Maggard.

Maggard said the negativity the district is receiving over it isn’t fair.

“All of the people are who are so negative against the administrators, school board and teachers. When the teachers had no say in it,” said Maggard.

She disagrees with the lawsuit filed against the district Friday. Calling for campuses to fully reopen and offer school in person five days a week.

”I don’t think a lawsuit is the answer because I don’t think they’re going to get what they want. The school district is doing the best they can. They’re giving a public education which is the right of the kids are. If it’s not the education you’re wanting for them then it’s unfortunate.”

Springfield attorney Kristi Fulnecky filed a lawsuit Friday against the Springfield Public School District over its reopening plan for the fall semester.

She filed the lawsuit on behalf of clients Kristina Borishkevich, Erica Sweeney and Stoney McCleery.

Ransom Ellis, the attorney for Springfield Public Schools, shared the following statement:

“Springfield Public Schools remains focused on serving its students, staff and community during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. In addition to providing educational resources that meet a variety of academic needs, SPS is also responsible for creating a safe learning and working environment for students and staff. With the current level of increased Covid-19 exposure in our community, the district has made the wise decision to reduce the number of people within school buildings to allow for appropriate social distancing when school resumes on August 24. In addition, SPS will appropriately require masking for all students and staff and implement increased cleaning protocols. SPS is offering as much choice to students and parents as possible, with the promise that the district will reevaluate the ability to increase the number of in-person days in the classroom at the end of the first quarter. The decision will be based on health data that tracks the local progression of the pandemic and its effect on the school environment. The legal action announced today does not provide practical solutions to address the unique and significant challenges faced by the school district and the community. It is an unfortunate distraction, without legal merit, during a difficult time for everyone.”

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