SPS gives tips on keeping kids focused with online learning

Published: Aug. 3, 2020 at 5:49 PM CDT
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With so many students learning virtually, families are having to come up with new routines to avoid distractions.

Pipkin Middle School Principal Becky Ash said it all starts with with establishing a location where your child will be learning.

“At a desk, in your bedroom or maybe it’s at your kitchen table. Wherever it may be you have one space dedicated for your learning each and everyday,” said Pipkin Middle School Principal Becky Ash.

Ash said wherever you choose make sure you have all of your learning supplies nearby.

”So you know where to find everything you don’t have to necessarily take breaks to get up and look for your supplies,” said Ash.

Next create a schedule and checklist.

”It could be very powerful especially for our younger learners who need to see the routines we have put in to place,” said Ash.

Ash said following a routine is important for kids to be successful.

”Going to bed at the same time as usual and getting up at your normal time. Getting online and checking in with your first class. Keeping a planner and a checklist of assignments that they need to get completed each and every day and keeping up with those due dates can also help them be successful,” said Ash.

Take frequent brain breaks.

”Get up, get a drink of water. Make sure your breakfast and lunch are scheduled in there. Give your brain a break. There’s lots of things that kids can do to take a five minute break before hopping back on,” said Ash.

As far as electronics Ash said putting the phone away and turning off the TV will take away any distractions.

The most important tip Ash said is consistency and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to your teachers.

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