Buddy Check 3: Buddy Check 3: Free shopping for women with a mastectomy

Published: Aug. 3, 2020 at 9:40 PM CDT
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It’s the third of the month and time for Buddy Check 3.  

This is the time we take to remind you to remind your buddy to troubleshoot breast cancer.  Whether it’s a phone call, a text, or just a nudge we’re asking you to check in and encourage a buddy to do that monthly self exam, make an appointment for a clinical exam, or if it’s time get a mammogram to catch any breast cancer in its earliest, most curable stage.  This is a joint project for KY3 with Cox and Mercy Hospitals and the Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks.  

For 20 years BCFO has been meeting the physical, mental, and financial needs of breast cancer patients in the Ozarks.  This month the non-profit is opening its office for a free shopping day for women who have had a mastectomy.  It’s a great chance to have a free fitting for a specialized bra and a new bra at no cost to you.  Mercy Hospital recently closed its medical equipment store and made a large donation of the garments to BCFO.  According to Program Director, Meagan Walkenhorst, BCFO is allowing women to come in and go through BCFO’s closet basically.  She says the nonprofit has received a generous donation from Mercy and along with other donations, BCFO is able to pay that forward with a program it has had for a long time.  Women who have had mastectomies are invited to come in for refreshments, fellowship, and just to have some time for one on one fittings and be able to pick out some bras that might be hard to find otherwise. 

It’s important to call BCFO to make an appointment for a fitting on the free shopping day.  The date is Saturday, August 15.  You can register online through the BCFO facebook page, or call the office.  The number is (417) 862-3838.   And remember, if you and your buddy haven’t signed up for this monthly check-in go to

You’ll receive an  information packet and the opportunity to help save a life.  

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