Mother speaks out month after son shot and killed in Springfield crash

Published: Aug. 3, 2020 at 7:43 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - An Ozark family is still grieving and searching for answers after their son was shot and killed a month from Sunday.

Darrell Gott, Jr., 18, died after he was shot, then crashed his car into a parked van in east Springfield on July 2. Springfield Police say the case is still open and they are actively searching for the suspects.

But after a month with no answers, his mother is still mourning the loss of her son and seeking justice. His mother, Jackie Baker, said she thinks of her son, who she calls ’Boo,’ everyday.

“Everything reminds me of him,” she said. “I see his pictures everywhere. I see his clothes. I’d come home from work and he was at my kitchen everyday.”

She said the kitchen held a special meaning in her heart. The kitchen table was home to the thing she misses the most about her son - the conversations.

“It’s weird, our relationship was mother-son, but we were like best friends that could tell each other everything,” Baker said. “Even though it was bad, he would tell me and I would tell him stuff. And we could just openly talk. And I miss that so much. We would sit at my kitchen table every night and talk.”

She also said she still holds on to many of her son’s belongings.

“I wear his clothes, I sleep in his bed,” Baker said.

She said the family has had a dog since Gott was a kid, and even the dog seems confused that he is no longer around.

“We have a 14-year-old dog named Herman we have had since [Gott] was one,” Baker said. “Herman always slept between my bedroom or Boo’s bedroom. He’s very lost right now.”

Baker said she is frustrated that she still does not know who is responsible for killing her son. She said police warned against it for a little while, but her family felt so desperate for answers they decided to put out a $25,000 reward for any tips. A family friend is helping with the reward.

“Nothing is happening,” she said. “So we felt like try it. Why not? What can hurt?”

She said people have given the family tips and information about three possible suspects but are still in need of much more.

“Somebody knows something,” she said.

Baker said knowing who killed her son will not console her grief, but it will help. Right now she is part of a support group, which has helped her grieve her son’s loss.

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