State shares evidence in the trial of a man accused of killing a Texas County transgender teenager

Published: Aug. 4, 2020 at 12:05 PM CDT
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The state laid out evidence Tuesday in the trial against a man accused of killing a transgender teenager in Texas County.

Prosecutors charged Andrew Vrba in the stabbing death of Ally Steinfeld, 17, who was transgender and also known as Joey.

Tuesday, the judge listened to more of Vrba’s recorded interviews with Texas County investigators, where he admitted to killing Joey, which is the name used in court. Joey asked to be called Ally not long before the murder.

Investigators collected evidence at the home near Cabool where Vrba says he stabbed Steinfeld, burned the body in the back yard, and put the burned remains in a bag in a chicken coop. Investigators had also interviewed co-defendants Briana Calderas and Isis Schauer. They asked Vrba if he stabbed Steinfeld’s genitals and duct taped her face after gouging her eyes out, and he denied it all, but said he “might have” said that. Vrba again told law enforcement Calderas asked him to kill Steinfeld. He originally said it was because he believed the victim was a threat to Calderas, her children, and Vrba’s own unborn child. But in the interview played this morning, he confirmed that Calderas was concerned about getting in trouble for something that he says she wouldn’t tell him. He thought it could have something to do with her sexual relationship with Steinfeld, since she was in her 20s. Investigators also pushed Vrba to tell them more about what happened to the bones they hadn’t located.

The former chief deputy of Texas County who helped with the interviews took the stand.

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