Gate donated to help stop theft and dumping of unaccepted items at Lake of the Ozarks community outreach center

Published: Aug. 5, 2020 at 5:21 PM CDT
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SUNRISE BEACH, Mo. (KY3) - People have been stealing donations from the Community for Christ Outreach Center in Sunrise Beach.

”I’ve been the president for 10 years, and it wasn’t this way [before],” said Jim Nevins, President of the Board of Directors. “We didn’t have to go to the extremes we have to today.”

Donation sheds that used to be open 24 hours a day, are now locked. Chains help keep the lids on the dumpster closed. A security camera keeps an eye on the entire area.

It hasn’t stopped people from stealing. It also hasn’t stopped people from dumping furniture and appliances - things the outreach center doesn’t accept - after hours.

”They’ve had a number of times when people have dropped big things off like couches and televisions, which they can’t get rid of,” said Jeff Campbell, Sunrise Beach Police Chief. “

That’s been a problem because getting rid of those things costs money.

“You can’t take them out to the dump anymore. You have to pay for it. $40 to $50 dollars, for each TV,” Nevins said.

That’s money Nevins said should, and could, be spent to help people in need.

”They’re hurting the Lord’s poor,” Nevins said.

Campbell had an idea. If someone wasn’t able to drive into the driveway, they likely couldn’t dump those types of things on the property.

He called some local businesses for help.

”I was just reaching out to them saying, ‘hey, can you help with this project? I’ll put in the labor if you pony up a little bit of the funds,” Campbell said.

CoMo electric donated and installed a pole on each side of the driveway. Orscheln in Camdenton donated the money for Campbell to buy equipment to build a gate, replacing the small, old bench and sign that used to sit in the driveway.

He knows it won’t solve all the issues, but says it should be a big help.

”If they take the time to open the gate and go beyond the barrier, when it’s obviously closed and marked now, they can expect to be charged with trespassing and have to deal with the municipal court,” Campbell noted.

Nevins said he’s grateful to the community for the donation, and hopes it helps cut back on some of the problems.

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