Kristi Fulnecky files lawsuit against city of Branson, Board of Alderman for masking ordinance

Published: Aug. 6, 2020 at 5:04 PM CDT
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BRANSON, Mo. (KY3) -

Attorney Kristi Fulnecky announced a second lawsuit Thursday concerning masks, this time against the city of Branson.

Fulnecky filed a suit against Springfield, Mayor Ken McClure and several city council members July 23. Fulnecky said she has had hundreds of people reaching out for her services within the last week. Thursday, she’s representing two Branson business owners who say the mask ordinance is impacting their business.

“I have to pull out of a lot of shops here in Branson, so it’s hit me financially here, for sure,” said Jamie Hall, owner of Branson Etched Mugs.

He said the pandemic has been hard on his business.

”It started an uphill trend again and then the mask mandate came in and we started going right back down hill,” Hall said.

Foam Bros owner Bo Dejager also expects the week-old ordinance to hit him hard.

”I don’t see it immediately, but I will see the after-effects when people are not wanting to expand and continuously wanting to build new homes and stuff where my services are needed,” Dejager said.

Branson City Attorney Chris Lebeck said the city has not been served the lawsuit, and sent a statement that said:

“At this time the City of Branson has not been served with a suit. I hope Ms. Fulnecky has the opportunity at some point between her grandstanding in both the City of Branson and the City of Springfield to review Rule 4-3.6 of the Rules of Professional Conduct with regards to her ethical responsibilities as a licensed attorney with regards to pretrial publicity. It is disappointing that she continues to not honor the integrity of our judicial system by her prejudicial pretrial comments.”

“I mean when you’re an elected leader you know that if people don’t agree with your decision and you don’t listen to your constituents, somebody is going to sue you," Fulnecky said.

The lawsuit listed the right to privacy as it’s main argument. It also lists the impact on tourism, stating the Lake of the Ozarks, without a mask mandate, has seen a spike in visitors.

”I don’t know if it’s comparable, but I know people go there from other areas of Missouri for recreation,” Fulnecky said.

Fulnecky said she’s had people from every part of the state that has a masking ordinance reach out for her services.

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