Fit Life: A glutes workout

Published: Aug. 7, 2020 at 9:37 AM CDT
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On this Fit Life, we’re gonna work out for your glutes, your backside and make them stronger with David Paul of XFit.

We’re joined at Xit by Angie Ruth.Tell me about the first exercise we’re going to do here.We got three really good exercises, primarily targeting the glutes and Angie is going to show us the first one. It’s a Glute Bridge. You see, she has a little bit of a platform for her shoulders, she is bridging all the way up and into full extension.This can be done in various phases, like with a dumbbell, even a kettlebell barbell is great as well, so you can kind of mix up your variations as far as this movement. So that’s the first one. And I noticed there’s a pad on the bar. If you’re at home, could you use a towel? Yeah, a towel or a pillow and especially if you’re getting heavier in the weight, you’ll want a little bit of that kind of pad for support. So, it makes it a little more comfortable.

The next one she’s going to do is a Sumo Deadlift. So it’s a variation of a deadlift. But, she’s s going to have a wider stance. That’s going to get a little bit more of the glutes involved. You see she’s going to narrow her grip. And, she’s also has a reverse grip there to kind of help.Now, what does switching the hands in the opposite direction do for you? It just makes it easier to hold on the bar, especially when you get into heavier weights. Some people like that reverse grip, but I would just kind of go with what you’re comfortable with. You can use a dumbbell or kettlebell or even just bodyweight initially, if you’re not familiar with the lift.Then we have a third move.

The third one we’re going to do is a cable pull through with a rope. And on this one, you’ve got to come all the way out so you can get good extension. Good, get that good stretch and then squeeze at the top. And that seems like it would work your lower back. You are working the glutes. But, the lower back is engaged as well. Another variation you can do is with a band. You know strap a band to something and you can pull through your legs with the band attached to a doorknob. Those three exercises are all glutes.

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