Oregon County mother and daughter died of natural causes, says coroner: Reminder to check on loved ones

The bodies of Paula and Jennifer Hall were found on July 22nd.
Published: Aug. 7, 2020 at 10:27 PM CDT
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OREGON COUNTY, Mo. (KY3) - Investigators have ruled that a mother and daughter found dead at their Oregon County home last month died of natural causes. 

“She took care of a lot of kids around here.  They were just great people,” Rick Vandolah told KY3.

Friends and family say they're devastated by the loss of 67-year-old Paula Hall and 48-year-old Jennifer Hall.

The bodies of the mother and daughter were found July 22nd.

Jennifer was found inside the home, while Paula was found about 20 yards away in a minivan.

Family say they had no air conditioning and Paula had been living in her van for a while.

Authorities say two people checked in on the Halls on July 14th and Jennifer talked with someone else on July 19th. That’s when she said she was very sick.

“They were just great people and I really would like for people to remember, they did give to society, they were assets to the community,” Berteena Gaines explained.

Friends remember Paula as the nurse who delivered countless babies with a warm heart and Jennifer as an intelligent, thoughtful woman. 

“I wish someone would have checked on them sooner because maybe there would have been time,” Gaines added.

Authorities, neighbors and friends say it’s a tragic reminder for us all to check in on loved ones, the elderly, those in poor health and neighbors from time to time. 

In the Hall’s case, friends say they noticed the Hall’s quit posting to social media on July 14th.

“If somebody’s active all the time of Facebook or on their phones or whatever, and you stop seeing messages or stop seeing posts or they stop answering their phones, people need to check on people,” Vandolah said.

Oregon County Coroner Tom Clary says a forensic pathologist found no signs of trauma or foul play and an autopsy wasn’t able to narrow down what caused the natural deaths.

Clary said poor living conditions and an above average heat index around the time of the women’s estimated death, could have played a factor.

Clary said in a statement to KY3, “Taking in account the findings of the pathologist, the substandard living conditions, their declining health and above average heat index, I feel both were natural deaths of an undetermined nature.”

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