Mystery seeds from China show up in Rogersville

Published: Aug. 9, 2020 at 9:01 PM CDT
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ROGERSVILLE, Mo. (KY3) - Mystery seeds being sent to people across the United States. Now, they have made their way to the Ozarks.

The packages appear to be coming from China. They are being investigated by the United States Department of Agriculture.

One Rogersville resident, Christina Pelletier, came home from work and checked the mail. When she opened up the mailbox, she found a package with a bag of seeds inside and says she immediately knew they were the mystery seeds.

“I mean they’re definitely not anything that I would normally plant in my garden, even as far as my herbs go and my vegetables,” Pelletier says. “None of my vegetable seeds have ever looked like that before.”

The package was addressed to her from China and said it contains a wire connector.

Pelletier knew both her and her husband didn’t order that. She says she thinks they got her address because she buys a lot of stuff online for her business.

“A lot of my salon supplies, lash supplies, all come from overseas or their manufacturers are overseas. I’m assuming that’s how they got a hold of my address, and it looks just like any other packaging you would get on eBay,” she says.

She didn’t know what to do with the seeds, so she called the Christian County Sheriff’s Department. They told her she’s the first in the county to report getting the seeds in the mail.

“I really couldn’t think of any way that was safe to dispose of them so they just told us to hang on to them because the department of agriculture wants to take them,” Pelletier says.

The USDA has warned people these seeds could be an invasive species. If you get these seeds in the mail, you can report it online by filling out a form. It asks for your basic information, information on the seeds and you can even attach photos. Once you press submit it says you’ll get information from the USDA on what to do with those seeds.

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