Two employees test positive for COVID-19 at Lead Hill School District

Published: Aug. 18, 2020 at 4:15 PM CDT
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LEAD HILL, Ark. (KY3) - It’s not exactly an ideal way to start off an unusual school year.

”I want to be open and honest and upfront with the community and let them know, so they know it’s here,” said Tami Richey, the superintendent of Lead Hill School District.

Two staff members at Lead Hill School District tested positive for coronavirus.

”I really felt like at some point it would probably happen, but you know you hope that it doesn’t,” Richey said.

The superintendent said the first employee told her Saturday. The second told her Monday.

As far as she knows, the two cases are not related.

Boone County currently only has 30 active positive cases.

“I feel like we’re fortunate because we have not had a lot of cases, but I think it maybe lulled us into this feeling of safety and security,” Richey said.

She said the district reported the cases to the Arkansas Department of Health, the Arkansas Department of Education, and contacted people they were in close contact with.

Other faculty members will step in to help out in the meantime, while the two staff members have to quarantine for two weeks. School starts Monday, August 24.

“I know we’ve not been stated as such, but we are essential workers. School staff are essential to our kids and our community,” Richey said.

The school district is taking extra precautions this year: Students 10 and older will have to wear masks, and kids will be spaced out while they eat.

The classrooms and buildings have been sprayed down with Ecovasive, which is a solution that helps eliminate germs on surfaces for about three months.

Parents will have the option for their kids to learn virtually.

This is Richey's second year as superintendent, and it's already been quite a ride.

“As I came in last year, they had just gotten off a tornado, there was a building project being finished. I’ve learned a lot this year but I’m not sure any amount of training will get you prepared for a pandemic,” Richey said.

And the superintendent said there are plans in place should other staff members and students get sick later in the school year.

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