Camdenton School District preparing for 85% of students to return to in-person class

Published: Aug. 19, 2020 at 5:52 PM CDT
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CAMDENTON, Mo. (KY3) - The Camdenton School District says more than 85% of its students enrolled will be back in the classroom starting next week.

Masks aren’t required to be worn, but, the district says it is taking precautions to make sure students and teachers are safe.

”We will be spraying rooms, classrooms, cafeterias, nurses offices, administrative offices, gymnasiums, pretty much everything that kids are coming in contact with,” said Kerry Dickemann, Maintenance Director.

The school is using a disinfectant it first started buying six years ago. It’s approved by the CDC.

”We were using a disinfectant before that wasn’t quite as powerful,” Dickemann said. “It just cuts down on staph infection and other flu and viruses that previous chemicals we were using did not.”

Sharing books and supplies? That won’t happen this year. Neither will drinking from the water fountain. Those have been turned off.

”We have bottle fillers we’ve installed in all the buildings, or are installing as we speak,” said Dr. Julie Dill, Assistant Superintendent.

Desks in classrooms are all facing one direction. No more ‘pods’ or desk groups.

Hand sanitizer? The district has plenty.

”We have a year of hand sanitizer ready for all of our teams, for all of our classes, our offices,” Dill noted.

Buses will be loaded from back to front, and families will stay together.

”We’re cohorting,” Dill said. “What we’re doing with that is kind of the same little family of kids stay together. Especially at the elementary levels. They’re with this group when they go to lunch, when they have recess. Where ever they go, they’re going to stay in this little group.”

Dill said the district is ready for the new year, even though it can and will bring many challenges.

”It is scary to send your kids back, but we’re here,” Dill said. “We’re ready to love ‘em, we’re ready to provide them two or three meals a day depending on if they stay after school. We’re excited to see them back.”

The first day of school for Camdenton, is Monday.

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