Investigators eye out of state leads in the shooting death of a Lawrence County woman

Published: Aug. 31, 2020 at 9:35 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - New details released on the deadly shooting of a Lawrence County woman 2 weeks ago.

Sarah Pasco’s body was found inside an abandoned well just outside of Miller.

Nine people are now behind bars, charged with first-degree murder in the crime.

“It’s unbelievable, some of this that’s gone on. It’ll blow your mind, the thought process that went through this entire episode,” said Lawrence County Sheriff Brad Delay.

Investigators say the 27 year-old, mother of two, Sarah Pasco and another woman were kidnapped. They were then thrown into the trunk of a car and taken to a remote location, west of Miller in Lawrence County. The pair was then forced down an abandoned well and shot. Pasco died instantly. The other woman played dead until their kidnappers left. She is expected to recover.

“In my 28 years here I don’t know that we’ve ever had nine first degree murder suspects at one time. That’s just unprecedented,” said Delay.

Authorities say the nine acquaintances, ranging in age from 47 to 18 years-old, may not be the only people involved in this crime.

“With key players there’s always additional players to it. It’s just going to continue to spider web. It’s not just necessarily the local side of it but how far it’s expanding from there,” he explained.

Investigators say they are tracking down leads involving people connected to organized crime possibly in other states.

Delay says the community played a vital role in helping law enforcement arrest the accused.

“We received hundreds, if not thousands, of tips from different community members saying, hey, this is where I think this is, this is where I think this happened, this is who I think they talked to,” he said.

This led investigators to a likely motive.

“It basically comes down to drugs. Drugs is what’s ruling this entire thing at this point,” said Delay. “People are ripping each other off over drugs. They get mad. Then they do things like commit acts of murder. It just unfortunately blew up in our faces all at once.”

Nine people, 30 year-old Steven Chase Calverle, 38 year-old Christine N. Knapp, 27 year-old Andrew J. Cypret, 23 year-old Lyle B. Delong, 24 year-old Gary Hunter, 18 year-old Siera Dunham, 26 year-old Diona L. Parks, 47 year-old Kimberly Kenderson and 27 year-old Frank Sheridan have been charged with first degree murder among other charges.

They are being held in the Lawrence County jail without bond.

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