Springfield company participating in COVID-19 vaccine trial

Published: Sep. 9, 2020 at 12:19 PM CDT
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AstraZeneca’s pause in research is not impacting plans at one clinical research organization in Springfield. QPS is planning to be a part of COVID-19 vaccine trials. And it is already recruiting volunteers for the studies.

QPS claims this is one of the largest clinical research sites in the U.S. It features a 240 bed facility in Springfield. The company does clinical trials all the time, including vaccine trials.

The staff is not saying which vaccines patients will test, but is saying they work with both midsize and large pharmaceutical companies.

The trials consist of Phase 1, which is early stage research, looking for side effects of the vaccines and of course studying their effectiveness. QPS is recruiting volunteers for the first of the vaccine trials, which should start next month, and say they’re getting a good response. The study will consist of a 10-day stay and six outpatient visits. Participants could earn up to $3,000. Some of the requirements include 18-years-old or older and healthy. If you suffered from COVID-19, you are disqualified.

QPS is investing in a negative pressure facility for this research. It will circulate air to the outside for the volunteer screening process, and should help keep the virus out of their facilities. Though they’ve been testing vaccines for more than 25 years, these trials are drawing more attention.

“To be part of a cure of a current pandemic is pretty exciting for us,” said Brendon Bourg, QPS Missouri General Manager and Vice President. “But again, it’s just day to day. He conducts clinical studies every day. These are all innovative chemical entities, and each and every study that comes by is pretty exciting.”

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