Fit Life: 3 ways to get your kids relaxed and ready for bed

Yoga can remove the stress of the day
Published: Sep. 11, 2020 at 10:03 AM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - On this Fit Life, we’re visiting with Cady O’Quinn of Sumits Hot Yoga to look at 3 ways you can bond with your child and get them ready to bed on time.

Here’s what she told us; Bedtime yoga for kids, releasing the stress of the day.

Start in “Legs up a wall pose.”

Using a wall, the headboard of a bed, etc, extend the legs up the surface, scooting your bottom closer or further away, depending on how it feels in your hamstrings and lower back. The goal is a sensation of relief and release, not an intense stretch.

Once the legs are comfortable, walk your shoulders away from your hips to create more space in the lumbar area. *Aside from the physical benefits, This pose is all about changing perspective, “flipping” things over, and seeing them in a different way.

Supine twist

Lying on your back, bring the knees into the chest, and gently rock side to side, walking the hips away from the shoulders.

Drop both knees to the right, keeping your shoulders heavy and away from your ears.

A pillow tucked between the knees might feel good here! Adjust as needed to feel a lengthening along the spine. If it feels like work, or compromises the ease of your breath, change the pose until you find a spot that does feel good. As you inhale, imagine you can see the spine open like an accordion. As you exhale, imagine wringing out all the leftover heavy, and sticky stress which might be lingering. Take a few easy breaths on the right, then return the knees to the center, and repeat on the other side. *In addition to feeling good, this pose is an opportunity to “wring out” the tension or anxiety leftover from the day.

Cleansing breaths, with positive affirmations.

Sit comfortably, possibly on a pillow or blanket. Arms by your side, turn the palms up. Take a big breath in, sweeping the arms over the head pressing your palms together.

As you exhale bring the pressed palms to “heart center.”

With every inhale, state an affirmation which feels empowering to the yoga student. Ex:

*I am brave

*I am kind

*I am strong

*I am wise

*I am safe

As you exhale imagine pulling the words into the center of your heart with your hands. Repeat three to five affirmations with big breaths. *The purpose of this action is to cultivate a sense of well-being and security, especially in times of change and hostility in the world around us.

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